About me

My Mommy was a real life hooker. Daddy was her pimp. She snuck him into my bedroom one night and eased him under the covers to introduce me to my new job. You know what that was? Being Daddy’s main ho! I can’t say that daddy poking me with his man beater caused me any pain. Hell he had been sneaking in since I was in wee diapers to sniff and lick the ass grease from my poopie hole.
So by all rights I am use to something being in my tiny of places. I know he is going to ask me to go make some money for him. If daddy wants to sniff my candy licker and taste it …
Then I can imagine that other motherfuckers will pay top dollar for a go! It’s about time I made my mark in the world and got those dollars too. Plus ,I am getting sick and tired of having to use my little plush toys to make my pussy squirt.
Its high time I got some man juice in this fucking dick choker!.
I am the ho that does daddy girl, naughty neighbor, babysitter, school girl, just to name a few. I am definitely that anything goes bitch that was taught by the best! Now it’s time for you to have a go!