Daddy says I should slow down. He is always bumping his gums about what I should and shouldn’t do. He looks at me in funny ways too. I don’t want to be his pet project anymore! I don’t want him looking at me with these lust filled eyes.
It’s not my fault I developed early, and all the guys of my school want to take me out for more than recess. The teachers probably have throbbing man gravy saucers too. I just was born a little teenie slut!

Now that I am older I know I can use my romp shaker to my advantage. It usually buys me what I want!
Just the other day I had a man drop to his knees for this little taste of pure sunshine!
It’s no one’s fault I am a manipulating little bitch! I could say I am a product of my environment.
I see Mommy do the same thing to men when Daddy isn’t home. She disappears for hours in her bedroom and comes out with wads of money.

We keep it our little secret! The little side hustle that we have going on brings in lots of money!!!
In reality, Mommy and I run the number one brothel in this city!
You see, Mommy has been teaching me from an early age what men are good for!
That’s me taking their money and using my honey pie sort of speak for whatever they need!
It's just a good lesson learned by one of the many clients Mommy served. One of the many that turned this little bitch into primal teen slutty material!

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